Bliss, San Francisco International Airport, T1C

Architect: Brian Viehland, Design on the Square
Owner: Guava & Java SFO Inc.
Location: San Francisco International Airport
Status: Proposed Concept

This concept location was proposed for the San Francisco International Airport. “Bliss” Gelato, Crepes & Waffles is a dessert concept that showcases the offerings and flavors of the San Francisco Bay area. Similar to the proposed product line, the kiosk design is fun, exciting, and unique.

The small 300 square foot space has been carefully designed to accommodate gelato, crepes, waffles, bottles beverages and coffee service while also providing seating and sufficient support space for the business. Careful planning allows for maximum efficiency in a tiny area without sacrificing functionality. The design invites customers in as much as the sight of fresh gelato and the smell of warm crepes and waffles and the layout guides the customer smoothly from one product offering to the next.

Design on the Square, LLC developed this concept design, plan, and three dimensional modelling. Renderings shown were generated by a separate rendering consultant.

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