Walnut Avenue Community Center, Pittsburgh, PA

Design Architect / Architect of Record: Lami Grubb Architects
Project Architect: Brian Viehland
Owner: Allegheny County Housing Authority
Location: Duquesne, Pennsylvania
Completed: Fall 2004

A joint venture between the Allegheny County Housing Authority and the Boys and Girls Club of Western Pennsylvania produced this $1.3 million dollar multiuse building on a cramped sloped site. The building houses a regulation size basketball court, activity rooms, meeting space, offices, and support spaces and provides the youth in the neighborhood a safe place to go after school to keep them off the streets. Brian Viehland was the project architect for this building while a project architect at Lami Grubb Architects.

The construction of this building is a hybrid of pre-fab and traditional building systems. set partially into the hillside. The building affords ground level entry on both floors and allows parents to stand on the balcony to watch the children play in the gym below.

*Brian Viehland was the project architect for this building while employed at Lami Grubb Architects.

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