Private Residence, New Hope, PA

Architect: Brian Viehland, Design on the Square
Owner: Private Residence
Location: Main Street, New Hope, PA
Contractor: Sparano Builders
Completed 2015

This complete transformation of a 1922 five bay center hall colonial home in the historic district of New Hope, PA has transformed a rather plain old home into a stunning dream house! The original details of the home were recreated in the new construction to give the whole house a cohesive feel. 

Phase 1 – The center 2-story portion of the house was original, but got extensive interior renovations including a new grand staircase from the basement to the third floor, a wine cellar, a second floor lounge, new bathrooms, and more. The third floor dormers were added to the home to make the top floor more usable, while the two brick chimneys you see were added/expanded to establish a historic feel to the widows walk on the roof. The front porch expanded and improved for a more properly scaled entry. The rear of the house faces the river, so a new rear three story porch and a roof deck allow for access to outdoor space and views from every level.  

An early set of design elevations – front and rear

Phase 2 – on the left, a one story garage turned kitchen was changed to a ballroom and two stories added above it with additional bedrooms, bathrooms, and work out rooms. The front of the first floor was opened up with new windows and a door. One of the enormous 100 year old trees that was saved is shown on the left. 

Phase 1 / Phase 2 During Construction

Phase 3 – In this phase, we removed the sunroom and screened porch seen above, and constructed an entirely new right wing of the house, containing a new 28×33 great room/kitchen where the wings meet, a secondary entry with elevator and two story spiraling staircase, a three-car garage with arched doorways, an enormous master suite, home office, third floor movie theater, and additional bedroom suite.

Phase 3 During Construction

Phase 4 – To expand on the luxury, instead of a driveway, the front yard was converted into a plaza paved in stone with two driveway entries and a custom wrought iron fence and gates.  The original 100 year old trees were preserved in the plan and add a sense of permanence to the whole project.  

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