LaColombe, Philadelphia International, Ae & E

Architect: Brian Viehland, Design on the Square
Owner: La Colombe / Guava & Java
Location: Philadelphia International Airport
Completed May 2017

Bringing fresh brewed coffee, cold pressed lattes on tap, and quality food options to the busy traveler, the new LaColombe brand at the Philadelphia Airport rolls out soon in both Terminal E and Terminal A-East.

Preliminary Rendering
Terminal A East Preliminary Rendering
Final Result
Terminal A East Final Result
Preliminary Rendering
Terminal E Preliminary Rendering

Hotel Coffee Bar and Gift Shop Concept

Architect: Brian Viehland, Design on the Square
Owner: Wyndham Garden Hotel
Location: Trenton, NJ
Status: Concept

A concept for a coffee bar and gift shop in the lobby of the Wyndham Garden Hotel in Trenton, NJ.  This concept tucks into an existing under-utilized space beside the entry lobby and would feature a coffee and espresso bar, souvenir and travel merchandise, and offer a movable service counter that would double as a portable bar for events held in the lobby.

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Local Tavern, Philadelphia International, FH17

Architect of Record: Brian Viehland, Design on the Square
Initial Concept Design: iCrave
Owner: OTG Management
Contractor: EP Guidi
Location: Philadelphia International Airport, Space FH17
Completed October 2013

“Local Tavern” is a new hospitality concept for the Philadelphia airport based on the feel of some of the city’s historic architecture combined in a contemporary way.

Strong arches backlit with led lighting feature excerpts from the Declaration of Independence behind the liquor displays. Wood slat ceilings with added beams give an historic look to the space while complimenting the slate walls and flooring. Soapstone counters and abundant use of copper accents also lend to the strong materiality of the space. The restaurant/bar seats 105 patrons and features 60 different beers on tap. That’s impressive for any bar, but even more so for an airport location!

re:vive, Philadelphia International, FH-21

Architect: Brian Viehland, Design on the Square
Owner: OTG Management
Contractor: E.P. Guidi Inc.
Location: Philadelphia International Airport, Space FH-21
Completed: March 2013

Re:vive fills the need for a stiff drink before or after your long flight.  The contemporary bright colors draw you in and the offerings keep you there.  This 2300 square foot space packs in an impressive amount of seating, service and equipment without feeling crowded.  In addition to a drink and a game on the TV, the bar features USB ports and power outlets at each seat to recharge your devices while you wait for your connecting flight.  It is currently the highest grossing location this client has in the airport.

Sky Asian Bistro, Philadelphia International, C-5

Architect of Record: Brian Viehland, Design on the Square
Initial Concept Design: iCrave
Owner: OTG Management
Contractor: Sachse Construction
Location: Philadelphia International Airport, Space C-5
Completed: January 2012

This 2300 square foot restaurant and bar at the Philadelphia International Airport required that the old restaurant be stripped out to the studs and completely reconfigured. The new design is sleek and modern with open exposition cooking, fresh sushi bar and a full assortment of alcoholic beverages.

Design on the Square was responsible for taking the design concept into full construction drawings and details as well as construction administration.

Bliss, San Francisco International Airport, T1C

Architect: Brian Viehland, Design on the Square
Owner: Guava & Java SFO Inc.
Location: San Francisco International Airport
Status: Proposed Concept

This concept location was proposed for the San Francisco International Airport. “Bliss” Gelato, Crepes & Waffles is a dessert concept that showcases the offerings and flavors of the San Francisco Bay area. Similar to the proposed product line, the kiosk design is fun, exciting, and unique.

The small 300 square foot space has been carefully designed to accommodate gelato, crepes, waffles, bottles beverages and coffee service while also providing seating and sufficient support space for the business. Careful planning allows for maximum efficiency in a tiny area without sacrificing functionality. The design invites customers in as much as the sight of fresh gelato and the smell of warm crepes and waffles and the layout guides the customer smoothly from one product offering to the next.

Design on the Square, LLC developed this concept design, plan, and three dimensional modelling. Renderings shown were generated by a separate rendering consultant.

LeBus Bakery Cafe, Philadelphia International, BC-18

Architect: Brian Viehland, Design on the Square
Owner: Guava & Java
Contractor: Peter Dolphin
Location: Philadelphia International Airport, Space BC-18
Completed: Summer 2011

Upon entering Terminal C of the Philadelphia International Airport, passengers are greeted by this kiosk featuring fresh bakery items from the local LeBus Bakery and La Colombe Coffee.  The kiosk utilized rich dark wood veneers, marble tile and quartz countertops for warmth and character in an otherwise bleak intersection of two concourse buildings.